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Who is Tiedyeman and what are fractals?

On this page we will attempt to solve these two questions
that have plagued mankind for centuries...the first question is perhaps the most difficult.

Who IS Tiedyeman?
In the picture below is the elusive and mysterious Tiedyeman,
also known as Dale A. Clark. Dale lives in California with his wife and 1 of his 3 sons.
Dale has been an artist for over 30 years.
He began selling his airbrush paintings and doing commercial art at the age of 18.
He also ran a roadside tie-dye business in Toulumne County, California for 13 years, hence the name Tiedyeman.
Dale is also a singer/songwriter and musician that plays guitar, bass, keyboards and harmonica.
He is currently the lead singer, guitarist and keyboard player in a band called The Elektrik Gypsies
Dale is also the band’s recording technician, engineer, and producer.

Photo by Dale A Clark

The second question, what are fractals?
This is answered easily enough in this simplified explanation:
Fractals are images generated (usually by computer) using mathematical equations.
The equations are most commonly run through a series of loops or "iterations" using
the answer of one equation as the starting point on the next one in the series.
The answers eventually are plotted on a graph where they form an image.
These images can be colored using the equations or other equations altogether.
This makes infinite combinations and an infinite number of images possible.

Do you have to know math to make fractals? No!
Fortunately other people know the math and have been thoughtful enough to create a program
that I use to make my fractals. As an artist this is important to me, because the math required
would probably give me a splitting headache and then I wouldn’t get any art done.
I mostly use the image side of the interface (although I have written a few of my own equations)
in the program to create most of my fractal art.
How do I create my fractals?

That's another story! I do extensive multi-layering and combining of layers
to achieve the visual effects I want with fractals.
Basically I use the fractals as a tool to create art, so some of my fractal
images look very little like the classic definition of a fractal.

A good example of this is a photo-realistic image of Saturn that I made entirely within the fractal program.
I also have created my own custom colors, so my art is totally unique and cannot be reproduced by accident.
If you'd like to try making your own fractals there are many programs available for generating fractal images.
You could do a search on fractal programs and find a few of them that way.
Click "back" on your browser and enjoy my fractal gallery!

If you have any questions, comments, or you just want to
tell me how much you love my fractals, you can email me.

All images Copyright 2001 - 2011 Dale A. Clark. All rights reserved.
Images may not be used without permission.
If you wish to use these images for commercial or non-commercial use contact the artist at the email above.

Tiedyeman's band, The Elektrik Gypsies has just released an EP. Check out our new website!