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Why are Tiedyeman’s fractals copyrighted and what does that mean?
Copyrights are supposed to protect Tiedyeman’s art from being used without his permission.
That means if you want to use Tiedyeman’s art legally you’ll have to ask permission or pay for a license.
All of the artwork on this site has been or is being registered with The US Copyright Office.
In reality people will steal copyrighted art and barely blink.
So, as a form of anti-theft protection to further prevent people from stealing,
all of the 1024 x 786 images on this website have lettering embedded in the image that reads
Tiedyeman’s Fractal Gallery
If you buy a liscense to use the images or prints of this art, the lettering will not be in the images.
I used to allow people to freely use my 1024 x 786 images as desktop wallpaper,
however this proved to be a problem when The Moody Blues stole
and used three of my images in their stage show for four years.

The Moody Blues using my art illegally.

I am still trying to find a lawyer to sue them.

If you're thinking of stealing my art, don't.
Eventually either copyright laws will make it possible for me
to have you arrested and jailed for theft,
or eventually I'll find you then you'll be really sorry!
Here's the deal, I worked hard to make this art and this website.
If you want my art, pay for it! Artists deserve to be paid like anybody else that works.