The Elektrik Gypsies are recording artists.
Most of their songs started as jam sessions and evolved into something more serious,
yet they retain the original fun, grit and spirit of the live interaction
that a tight group of musicians produces.

The Elektrik Gypsies are Dale, Isaac, and Joshua Clark.
A father and two brothers. Playing since 1999, they play all original rock music in the classic rock style.

Mainly influenced by the music of the late 60's and early 70's, they’ve developed their own unique edgy style.
The brothers are the tight rhythm section with Isaac on drums and Joshua on bass.
Dad plays guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and sings.
They strive to make their songs diverse so they don’t all sound the same, although they all rock
The lyrics are classic as well. The songs are about love, the struggles and drama of life, chaos, existentialism, determination, rebellion, and good old sweaty Rock ‘n Roll!

We recorded the entire album ourselves. Dale and Isaac engineered, mixed, and produced the tracks.
Much of the engineering was also inspired by the great bands of the psychedelic era.
The long awaited debut album is finally being released,
buy it here
published by Elektrik Gypsies Music (ASCAP).

When we play our music, people start to dance.
We didn’t think of it as dance music, but it seems to have that effect on people.
Have a listen and if your head starts nodding and your toes start tapping,
listen to it again, LOUDER! The way rock is meant to be heard.

Recording started in 2003 and five tracks were released as an EP in 2011.
The band wasn’t totally satisfied with all of the original mixes,
the tracks released were not what we felt were our best songs, and some of the tracks remained unfinished until 2017.

Life happens, circumstances change, but music is timeless.

All of the tracks have been completely remixed and remastered from the original recordings,
so if you’ve ever heard them you’ll want to hear them again.
The rest of the previously unreleased songs contain what we think of as our best music, here’s a brief description:

1. Arabian Gnomes - What are Arabian Gnomes? Nobody really knows if they even exist,
but if they do, this would be their theme song. A spacy sonic delight!

2. Triple Threat - A strong bass line and tight rhythm combo with a prominent lead keyboard,
this tune is about a difficult situation in a chess game...or is it?

3. Twenty Four Seven Three Sixty Five - Do you love somebody? How much do you love them?
Do you love them twenty four seven three sixty five? An upbeat rock 'n roll song
about an all consuming love, reminiscent of The Doors.

4. Drama - A rock n roll song about life and the actors around us.

5. It’s Too Hot - a funky yet bluesy guitar and bass heavy song about playing sweaty rock & roll in a hot room or club.
Playing this song always made us hot so the lyrics were a natural consequence.

6. Pa’s Jam - A surfy instrumental jam that takes you down to memory lane...on the beach.

7. Tribal Thunder - a drum solo to stir your primal spirit.

8. The Fall - Civilizations rise and fall. It’s a historical fact. When corruption and decay predominate,
get ready for the fall. This is a prophetic rock and roll anthem about warning, rebellion,
revolution and a possible future. The upbeat funky bass line contrasts with and yet
complements the wailing echoey lead guitar and serious lyrics. The crispness and punch of the drums tie it all together nicely.

9. End Of Time - A hard rocking song about rebellion, because you don’t rule me!

10. Get It - A hard driving blues-rock tune about determination. If you really want something, you go and get it.

11. Madness - Pure blues, pure rock, pure madness!

12. War Machine - Bomb dropping whammy bar guitar, explosions, screaming, breaking glass, all the horrors
of war in a rock n roll anthem war protest song. reminiscent of Steppenwolf, Jethro Tull
and Jimi Hendrix this war protest song features dive bombing guitar screams and gritty vocals with a raging battle as the bridge.
The heavy rhythm guitar and crisp drums dominate while the bass line backs the song and keeps it flowing.

13. Chaos - The Elektrik Gypsies play their hearts out in this all out jam to an epically insane ending.
With lyrics thought provoking, philosophical and cerebral, this isn’t just a song, it’s The Elektrik Gypsies experience.

14. The Wind - Rain, thunder and a motorcycle open this hard driving rock and roll love song, giving the opening a classic feel.
One cold and dark night far from home, a man had to get home to be with his woman.
Riding his motorcycle home on the long cold trip with the wind whipping around him, a song began to form in his mind.
The rain, thunder, and the motorcycle are completely real, and give this song a fitting intro and ending.
The heavy rhythm guitar riff, pounding bass and crisp drums that drive this song are uniquely The Elektrik Gypsies.

15. Summit - A song about challenging the elements to reach the top of a mountain, a determination to reach the goal.
A hard driving bass line synched tightly with the drums giving it the thunder, the guitars and synthesizers ethereal and lofty.

16. Fire Breathing Animals - This a cappella composition features all of the band members
singing about a dubious proposition you probably wouldn’t want your mom involved in.

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